Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day Nerdgasm (not actually a regular thing)

I've just seen something that made my nerdy little heart skip a beat, and it happens to be Wednesday (I actually thought it was Tuesday until 5 seconds ago when I asked the nearest person what day it is). This probably won't be a regular occurrence, because I can't be expected to get this excited on a weekly basis. We have to take these things as they come.

Anyway, LOOK AT THIS FLOWCHART. Oh, I know . . . flowcharts are for squares. But this one has rectangles (HA!). I apologize for that. Behold, How a Book Is Born.

This is accurate . . . I'm assuming. Except the part about the copy editor quitting in horror, because I've never given up on a book. I've CONTINUED EDITING in horror, but I've never QUIT in horror. I am a professional.


  1. I look forward to your goat herding book when the horror becomes too much

  2. That is the porniest title without actually being about porn. That's MY contribution to this post.

  3. How ELSE am I gonna get people to look at a flowchart? (Sorry, Mom.)

  4. The horror has reached critical mass. Now...where to find goats in Los Angeles?