Saturday, January 5, 2013

READATHON: Miniature Edition

On any given day, nothing in the WORLD sounds better to me than barricading myself in a room with snacks and piles of books. That episode of The Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith is alone with All The Books? I WANT TO BE HIM.

Yes...we're choosing to ignore the rest of the episode. Correct.

But 24 hours is a long time to commit to anything . . . even if that anything is reading and eating. So Tika proposed a brilliant solution: MINI-READATHON. Eight (or so) delicious hours of reading books and eating foodstuffs that fit the "mini" theme.

I just arrived at my parents' house in Florida last night and didn't have time to shop for mini-snacks, so I'll have to raid the pantry here and see what I can see. I will keep you all posted on my snack-related discoveries, but since you're on pins and needles about it, I can tell you that I'm currently eating some leftover Chinese takeout (miniature corn!). Also, I spotted a bag of marshmallows, and those are going in my mouth later.

Oh yeah . . . and the other part that I guess is kind of important is the books? I packed several in my suitcase and carried at least five onto the plane in my purse, because you never know when you'll need to participate in a readathon (GOOD THING I was prepared). I have no idea how many of the books that I have on-hand fit the "mini" theme, but I will find some convoluted way of justifying whatever I'm in the mood to read. So don't you worry about THAT.

To start off . . .

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
How it fits the theme: Children are miniature humans.

Maus, Vol. I
How it fits the theme: Mice are miniature animals.

The Sparrow
How it fits the theme: The scientists of the Society of Jesus have a miniature understanding of interacting with alien civilizations (i.e., THEY ARE WELL-INTENTIONED BUT IGNORANT AND RUIN EVERYTHING)

See how that works? Easy-squeezy.

Also, I kind of have to get some editing done today, which I GUESS counts as reading but is not what Burgess Meredith had in mind, I'm SURE. Anyway, I might diverge occasionally into the realm of congressional procedure . . . which I think we can all agree still fits the "mini" theme. So we're covered either way.

ALSO, I'll be reading in my parents' "reading room," which, coincidentally, rarely gets read in.

Christmas is alive and well in here.
UPDATE 1 . . . 2PM EST

The scene around noon: Me, happily sipping an overflowing cup of coffee while enthusiastically reading The Sparrow.

The same scene almost 2 hours later: Me, waking up holding a mug of cold coffee, having read a whopping 11 pages in The Sparrow.

(she wasn't really judging me,
because she was too busy sleeping on my face)
Is this jet lag? Am I just super lazy? Either way, more snacks are in order.

And I think it's time to switch to something a little lighter than The Sparrow. Harry Potter, HERE I COME.

UPDATE 2 . . . 3:30PM EST

Since we last talked, I acquired snacks and went on to enjoy moderate success in the Reading Department.

I have consumed mini-bagel chips and liiiiittle pretzel sticks, both submerged in a healthy amount of hummus, obviously. I have also eaten half a bag of marshmallows engineered in a flat rectangular shape so as to be more easily squished between pieces of chocolate and graham cracker.


I also started HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, and hoooooly wizards it's awesome. I don't think I'll be interested in reading anything else for the rest of the day.

I'm expecting a visitor any minute now, but the second half of my mini-readathon will resume soon I hope. *hits PAUSE button*


Oh man . . . I FAIL at readathoning, mini or otherwise. I fell asleep for the first couple of hours and then I missed almost the entire second half. But I PROMISE I have a good excuse, and it involved my sister-in-law and also my best friend, both of whom I haven't seen since last March. So YES, I really did want to hide inside and read all day, but Important Things came up. All that to say, my readathoning buddies are some of the best people I know and Tika is the awesomest for hosting and I am loving Harry Potter. AND LET'S DO THIS AGAIN SOON. Like tomorrow.


  1. Way to have a kickass room to read in. ALSO I accept your reasoning for The Sparrow. Because it was followed by an amazing GIF. ALSO Futurama made fun of that Twilight Zone episode. Behold!:

  2. Oh shit, it's some weird mashup. FINE, INTERNET.

  3. That is the saddest of the Twilight Zone episodes. THERE WAS TIME

    That is a kick ass reading room. Way to show everyone up.

  4. I love how you fit in The Sparrow.

    Happy readathoning! And MY that's a pretty tree.

  5. Your parents' reading room is awesome! I would SO read in there ALL THE TIME *moves to Florida and sneaks into their room every day* *Cause that's not creepy*

    I enjoy that we're all reading Harry Potter! I mean, OBVIOUSLY we are, but still. It makes me happy on the inside :)

  6. Those are some inviting cushy chairs. Nice reading room! And good book choices. I hope you find some excellent snacks!

  7. Oh Futurama. Surely, it's a gift from the Pop Culture gods.

  8. Hey thanks! No one is EVER in here. Probably because it's the only room in the house without a TV.

  9. I started reading The Sparrow on the plane ride over here, so I had to justify it SOMEHOW. I'm glad you approve. : )

  10. I'm starting with The Sparrow because I'm actually NERVOUS to start HP. WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT?

  11. These chairs are the CUSHIEST. And there's a snoring doggy on the back of the one I'm sitting in. If only I had a fireplace, I would be set.

  12. I love you because I know you are being sincere and not at all sarcastic.

  13. Ooo Jabba the pug is now my favourite part of this whole thing. DO START HARRY POTTER! IT'S THE AWESOMEST!

  14. Flat marshmallows what the what? Magic IS real! (I'm so happy you're liking Harry Potter I might cry a little.)

  15. Clearly I need to make smores soon. The problem being -- no microwave. And fires are discouraged in my apartment.

    Soooo glad you're liking Harry Potter. Not that anything else was expected.

  16. You are a sleeping ninja if you managed to wake up with a mug of cold coffee instead of an empty mug while covered in cold coffee.

  17. *how* did you not wake up with coffee all over you? Are you sure that perhaps you aren't from Harry Potter?