Friday, January 18, 2013

HP and the Sorceror's Readalong 2: Perhaps too many GIFs

The second half of Sorceror's Stone! My thoughts, they are scattered and perhaps not very intelligent. BULLET POINTS.

Chapter 10: Halloween

  • I am SORRY, but this is dirty:
"Too eager to fly again to wait for Wood, Harry mounted . . ." (p. 167)

  • My husband pronounces Seamus "SEE-MUS." Let's all laugh at him good-naturedly.

Chapter 11: Quidditch
  • Jordan's biased Quidditch commentary is my favorite.
  • How . . . did Harry catch the Snitch in his mouth? This is confusing to me.
  • Hagrid really shouldn't be allowed out of his hut when he has a secret.

Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised

Chapter 13: Nicolas Flamel
  • If for no other reason, I can never, never, never-ever like Malfoy because he was mean to Neville. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE MEAN TO NEVILLE.
  • I'm suspicious of Nicolas Flamel. Would a truly good wizard ever create something like a Sorceror's Stone, knowing how much evil it could cause in the wrong hands? At BEST, I find Nicolas Flamel to be incredibly irresponsible.
  • If you went to all the trouble of getting into those high stands for a Quidditch match and then the game was over in 5 minutes, wouldn't that be kind of disappointing? From a sports fan's perspective?

Chapter 14: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
  • Seriously, Hagrid . . . just don't even leave your hut if you have a secret.

Chapter 15: The Forbidden Forest
  • Hagrid is in charge of their detention in the Forbidden Forest . . . but isn't it kind of his fault they have detention? Since they were trying to help him get rid of his dragon problem? I'm starting to understand why some people don't like Hagrid.
  • I do, however, ship Ron and Fang.
  • Do we think it's fairly easy to kill a unicorn? Voldemort/Quirrell isn't very strong . . . and unicorns are pretty sturdy. They at least must be good at running away, because horses.
:: Moment of silence for unicorn, who died far too easily ::

Chapter 16: Through the Trapdoor
  • I enjoy this chapter because it's like The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade COMBINED.
  • Also . . . awwwwww, Neville.

Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces
"Harry breathed in the funny smell that seemed to come from Quirrell's turban." (p. 292)
Um . . . gross. Don't breathe that in, Harry.


  1. I think being an irresponsible wizard is part of being a super all powerful wizard. Cos Dumbledore, I heart him, but man he is pretty negligent when it comes to protecting those students under his care.

    Poor Hagrid. He's so sweet. How can you NOT like him? Even if he bumbles a lot.

    Awww Neville

  2. "If you went to all the trouble of getting into those high stands for a Quidditch match and then the game was over in 5 minutes, wouldn't that be kind of disappointing? From a sports fan's perspective?"

    YES. I have thought this often. And it's one of the things that bothers me about Quidditch. I always kind of tell myself "Wizarding world. It's different." And leave it at that.

    No one dislikes Neville.

    Harry was PLUMMETING towards the earth and had his mouth open and the in the way.

  3. "Um...gross. Don't breathe that in, Harry."
    I love you Megs. LOL.

    POOR HAGRID! I feel like his taking of the detention when it totally was his fault that they got it is maaaybe his way of making it up to them? Maybe that's why they had to do such a RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS detention? In which case... Haaaaagrid, NO.

    Um... NO ONE CAN BE MEAN TO NEVILLE EVER, THAT'S A RULE! Oh, oh, and LOL See-mus. SOMEONE'S never been to Ireland, clearly! (actually, I've never been to Ireland, But I can at least say Seamus properly ;) )

  4. Ok in CoS (which I am already done reading next week's portion of because it is LATE FRIDAY AFTERNOON ALREADY) Gilbert Lockhart is like, Whoops, my wand is a little over-excited, and I am like HAHAHA TOO LEWD because I am twelve.

    Also, seriously, Hagrid

  5. Oh, Hagrid. I love him and I want to smack him. Sometimes at the same time. Too right, he should never leave his hut if he has a secret!

    But...don't we love Neville more because people are mean to him? Not that I want people to be mean to him, but that's such a part of him that it's difficult to separate. Also: Draco is mean to him in a direct way. But Neville's own House, and even those boys who are supposed to be his friends are mean to him by not ever noticing him or giving him credit. Like a sin of omission, if you see what I mean. I mean, why would nobody think to wonder why his nasty grandmother is raising him instead of his mum & dad? why does it take seeing them in st. mungo's before his own goddamned roommates are like, whoa? neville's got family problems? what's up with that?

  6. "How . . . did Harry catch the Snitch in his mouth? This is confusing to me." Oh my god, yes. Does he usually dive with his mouth wide open? Or maybe he's got clogged sinuses so he can't breathe through his nose and maybe it was actually an excess of cold medicine that made him start flying all wonkily. And it makes me SO ANGRY that Hagrid not only let the kids take care of his problem, but didn't even come clean and defend them when they got in trouble! So shitty!

  7. Ohhhh Dumbledore. What did Raych say? Par for the Dumble-course? Heee!

  8. So...isn't the Snitch the REAL hero of the game then? That brave and noble Snitch.

  9. That detention was RIDICULOUSLY dangerous. Even if it was a werewolf that had killed the unicorn. 11-year-old children. Dark forest. UNICORN-KILLING WEREWOLF.

    (P.S. Angel actually LIVED in Ireland when he was a wee laddie. He literally has no excuse for mispronouncing Seamus. But he's cute, so all is forgiven.)


    Lockhart is kind of...oversexed. So he may have actually meant that in the dirty way. Stop winking at everyone, Gilderoy.

  11. Yeah...we probably DO love Neville more because of the harassment. That's pretty much what wins us over with Hermione, when we see that her know-it-all-nature stems from her desire to be liked by her peers. Oh man...did I just start shipping Hermione and Neville? I think I did.

    Basically, everyone needs to love Neville more.

  12. Haha! You are WORKED UP about this Snitch situation. I guess...maybe his mouth was open because he was screaming? Because he was dive-bombing solid ground? Wizards. *shrugs*

    Hagrid is...maybe not the smartest. And that's kind of why I love him, but come ON, Hagrid.

  13. That would make sense that Hagrid came up with the detention cos he felt bad for getting them in trouble. And it would also make sense that he picked something that is SO CRAZY DANGEROUS WHA not realizing it's not the best situation to send 11-year-olds into. Of course, again, it would have been nice if someone like Dumbledore looked at what was going on and put a stop to it.

  14. I finally got Disqus to work for me!!!! HIIIIII!!!
    Good point about Flamel, and didn't Dumbedore help him create it? I think that's what it said on the Chocolate Frog card. Also, how the hell was Flamel keeping the stone safe all these years? And I wish we knew HOW Quirrell got into that vault, b/c Gringotts is supposed to be the safest.
    I love Jordan's commentary. Who cares if its so biased, its the bestest.

  15. Yayyyyy it worked, and I can actually reply to you!

    These are good questions. How DID Quirrell get past the goblins? Also, if YOU, dear Slytherin friend, find Jordan's biased commentary amusing, then it must be quite amusing indeed.

  16. Can you imagine if we didn't have the movies to grab gifs from? What would we use in these posts?!

    Hagrid is a much better games keeper than he is a secret keeper - and he clearly has a MAJOR drinking problem. If he stopped drinking, we'd have nothing to read about in these books because he'd actually be keeping the secrets for once. That said, I absolutely love Hagrid, he's a doll.

    "NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE MEAN TO NEVILLE" is absolutely the Harry Potter equivalent of "Nobody puts Baby in the corner".

    Between you and Emily, Oliver Wood has been spoiled for me - everything is going to seem dirty now, my childhood is RUINED!

  17. I'm really liking that Last Unicorn gif, because I loved that dark movie when I was a kid. I love Hagrid and the fact that he can't keep a secret. The dragon chapter is pretty sad though. He is definitely like a little kid who wants that dragon so badly he is BLIND to the consequences...:)

  18. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. I like this explanation for this ridiculous detention. Oh, Hagird.

  19. I sympathize with your husband. Seamus was Seemus for me for as long as Hermione was Hermoyne. Crazy non-North-American names.

    So many gifs and they are all great.

  20. I CAN COMMENT FINALLY. (My work computer apparently hates Disqus...)

    Harry catching the snitch in his mouth is a major cop-out. He was supposedly flying very fast, so why would he have his mouth wide open? He'd swallow all sorts of insects. I assume there are bugs in magical Scotland, but maybe I'm wrong?

    And yes, I would be pissed if I climbed a whole bunch of bleachers for FIVE EFFING MINUTES of entertainment. I say this as someone who just joined a gym and was annoyed that the gym has two levels. I don't go there to climb stairs, you know.

  21. If I had GIF-making skills, I would make a "NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE MEAN TO NEVILLE"/Dirty Dancing crossover GIF. You'll just have to picture it.

    I'm so very sorry about tainting Oliver Wood for you. But you'll always have your memories!

  22. I realized recently that I remember NOTHING about The Last Unicorn. Did I block it out because of its traumatizing qualities? I think yes...that's probably what happened.

    That dragon was abusing Hagrid...but he loved it anyway. He has so much love to give.

  23. I was lucky enough to hear someone pronouncing Hermione before I READ it I had a frame of reference. Otherwise, I shudder to think how I would have mangled that pronunciation.

  24. HURRAY. A lot of people's computers hate Disqus...which makes me wonder if maybe we shouldn't start blaming Disqus instead of everyone's computers.

    This is how you can tell how very un-athletic we are: We complain about the exercise required to be a spectator at sporting events. "SO MANY STAIRS OMG CAN I AT LEAST GET A HOT DOG ON THE WAY."