Monday, November 19, 2012

Reading Rut, I am in you.

I've been having that unsettled feeling particular to bloggingthat feeling you get when more than a week has gone by between updates. Let's call it SELF-INFLICTED INNER TURMOIL. Because it is both of those things.

But I can't finish a book right now to save my life. And if I haven't finished a book, what can I possibly say that won't be about Doctor Who or, more specifically, how everyone should find Matt Smith as attractive as I do?

Or THIS, which I could write a POEM about.

I'm in the exact middle of three books right now, and none of them are hitting the spot. So let's talk about THAT.

I was really enjoying this when I started it . . . back in, oh man . . . in September. This rut is even worse than I thought. OK, well, I was ENJOYING it. But then I started the Grapes of Wrath readalong and tucked this away and really didn't care if I ever picked it up again. And there I remain on the subject of the Chicago World's Fair and this particular killer of women whose name I can't even remember because it's been THAT long since I picked up this book.

I haven't read ANY D. Eggs. So I bought this one, because it was $3 and the cover is kind of gorgeous. And there end my reasons for acquiring this book. I had no idea what it was about. I still don't, really. But I WILL tell you this: I was eating things while reading the first 50 pages, and I wouldn't recommend that. A little friendly advice from me to you.

I was kind of hoping that, in translating this into a graphic novel, Hope Larson would ALSO elevate the maturity level. I assumed that the people who would most want to read a graphic novel version of a beloved childhood classic would be the people who were the target audience for the original and are now all grown up and stuff. And, yeah, we like to relive old favorites just as they are, but if you're going to reinterpret something, shouldn't you reinterpret it? This version is still VERY much for children, which kind of just makes it A Wrinkle in Time: Now With Pretty Pictures.

What I'm trying to say here is that all three of these books are perfectly acceptable and maybe even really great . . . but they aren't doing it for me RIGHT NOW.

And for that, they must pay.


  1. Omg DUDE I am in such a rut as well. Let's blame November. Silly, ridiculous November with its making you not want to read.

    Also the serial killer is H.H. Holmes. Chicago repreSENT. Also I haven't read any Dave Eggers. Is he the one who committed suicide? I can never remember with these modern tragic authors.

    (also A Wrinkle in Time is the best and also I like you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much)

  2. I have not been able to finish any of those books EITHER! And while I have finished books this month, I haven't really been able to work up a good head of steam about them in either direction.

    Maybe reorganizing my GIF folders will help?

    P.S. I love Scarlett.

  3. I feel ya.

    Though I have a sneaking suspicion that the books themselves are to blame. Devil in the White city was kind of MEH and I really couldn't stand Heartbreaking Work when I read it several years ago.

    Maybe try rereading one of your favorites? That usually gets me out of a rut. Or you can always look forward to the Potterathon! I am so exciteeeddd!

  4. Reading ruts suuuuuuck. I agree with Rayna that you should try reading a fav to get out the rut. It helps me. Or maybe eating ALL THE FOOD at Thanksgiving will help. Worth a shot anyway.


    (omg I am so excited)

  6. Reading ruts really do suck. I'm kind of sort of just coming out of one, but I'm still reading 3 books, none of which make me go 'WOW!' so... I feels you.

    *steals Scarlett O Hara gif for all occasions*

  7. Sounds like we could all make a club for reading ruts. I FINALLY finished the one book I had on the go (took me a whole month) and I can't bring myself to pick up anything else at the moment...nothing interests me. And don't even get me started on blogging...that's a whole 'nother rut. I'm blogging in my head all the time but can't get those thoughts typed out.

  8. Can we take over Megs's comment section while she is apparently not around?

    Laura, what are your feelings on Gone With the Wind?

    1. I don't have Internet right now! *clumsily pokes at phone screen*

      But I kind of want you to take over my comments. That would be a lovely thing.

  9. This is a LARGE rut, and we are ALL in it. Only one thing to do. RUT PARTY. *pops the champagne* But I did just read one whole chapter in Devil in the White City. It was only a little bit painful.

    I *think* you're thinking of David Foster Wallace. Dave Eggers is still alive and pretty much runs McSweeney's and has fabulous hair. But DFW also had fabulous hair. So I understand your confusion.

  10. I remembered that you didn't love Devil in the White City, and I put off reading it because of that. But it's on one of my stupid challenge lists, and there's pretty much no way I'm finishing any challenges this year. I've decided that I hate challenges.

  11. I DO have a couple of recent purchases that I'm excited to read, so maybe I should just finish ONE of the rut books and start on something else I know I'll love. Like Gone Girl...or some Mary Roach maybe. Onward, Rut Warriors!

  12. OH MAN, MEG. I was in a Grapes induced rut and then it was finally my turn on the hold list for Gone Girl and it is SO. GOOD. That one. That one will get you out of your rut.

  13. Everyone TOTALLY let me down in my attempted takeover of your blog. I am bummed.

    We should totally have a rut party. Y'know, if we didn't all live the farthest away possible while still being on the same continent. ('cept for Laura)

  14. That takeover was doomed from the start. Because I was lurking quietly in the corner alllllll along.


  15. Reading ruts and blogging ruts seem to come in pairs. Maybe we should just all give up and watch TV. *dies a little inside*

  16. Oh GOOD. OK...I just need to finish one of these books and then Gone Girl is going to save my life. And probably also make me sad.

  17. I have Gone Girl at home here too! I was thinking it might get me out of my rut!

  18. Yeah, I completely fail at reading, or blogging for that matter. Turns out, it sucks when I'm in school and am forced to read, so all I want to do on the weekends is veg in front of the telly! I have a copy of The Devil in the White City that's gathering dust on my bookshelf. I feel so bad for my books because they must feel so neglected :( Hope you get out of that rut soon!

  19. I was assigned that Dave Eggers book in college (class was called Subversive Literature I believe). For the most part I finished books I was assigned, but I never did finish that Eggers' book. But I do remember some of what was in those first 50 pages and why eating while reading that is not a good idea. I was more impressed by Eggers' non-fic book Zeitoun, though the events of Zeitoun filled me with fury.

  20. Work and school are NOT conducive to reading ALL THE BOOKS. Let's quit work and school. Let's just do that.

  21. I'm really stubborn about finishing every book I start. So I WILL finish this...eventually. And maybe when I've recovered from the disappointment, I'll give Zeitoun a try.