Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It blows my mind how many activities we can do.

The month of October was not a great blogging month for me, but . . . I've been moving.

Now that I'm sort of settled, I can get back to the business of writing things about books. And I should probably also do some editing? You know, if I have time.

But before I do ANY of that, let's have some pictures of the new place, yeah?

Walkway between the two buildings, one of which may or may not
house Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or I could just be making that up. You don't know.

The view from the courtyard. I can gaze at the
Hollywood Freeway while the dogs take a poo. Eeeeexcellent.

This side is the "Gaming/Movie Zone for Boys and the Occasional Girl."

And I camp out over there in the "Book Zone for Awesome People Only."

It's the COZIEST.

And there's so much room for activities!
I think we're done here. Off you go.


  1. Moving is the worst so I am impressed you managed to do anything that wasn't...well...pretty much acting exactly like JL up there. But it looks like it was worth it cos your place looks AWESOME!


    So basically good job on where you're living. It is a good place.

  3. Exposed brick! Pretty windows! City view! Book nook! This place is niiiiice. Well done, christening it with a light saber fight. Good choice.

  4. I barely managed to keep up with GoW, but my AWESOME readalong group was pretty good motivation, as always. Otherwise, I may not have updated all month. *gasp*


    But...but you didn't say anything about the exposed brick. *waits patiently for you to amend this grievous oversight*

  6. Oh yeah...I'm choosing to believe it too. Even though all his online communications suggest that he's currently traveling across the country. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP HOPE.

  7. "Only one bathroom for three people? But...EXPOSED BRICK."

    "Twice as much as the rent at our last place? EXPOSED BRICK."

    "The ghost of a violent mobster lives in the basement and prowls the halls at precisely 4:12am every Thursday? EXPOSED BRICK."

    Conclusion: Exposed brick is a solution for everything.


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  10. I know I'm way late responding to your response, but AAAAAAHHH violent mobster ghost! Holy shit, dude. It's a good thing you have dogs. And exposed brick (because really).

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