Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Norwegian Wood Read-Along: Horizons, prepare to be expanded!

This post officially begins my participation in Alice the Reading Rambo's January read-along. I am a read-along virgin. Please be gentle, Norwegian Wood.

This is also my first foray into Murakami territory. I must confess, I'm not generally excited about Asian fiction . . . probably because it really bothers me when I can't pronounce the characters' names. And I've read so much British lit that my inner narrator has a British accent by default.

I know next to nothing about Murakami, but look at this guy:

The sweater jauntily thrown about his shoulders tells me we are destined to be friends. Also, he appears to be taking his kitten shopping for an Oriental rug. Sold.

I'll be posting weekly as I journey through with the other super-awesome read-along participaters. If you haven't read Norwegian Wood yet and don't wish to have it spoilerized, avert thine eyes from posts with "Norwegian Wood" in the title. Just say no. I promise I won't cry . . . much.

Onward, brave adventurers!


  1. This post wins the intro posts contest that I just made up.

    I hope that kitten has some taste, damnit. 

  2. Uh-oh. I'm really competitive, so now I'll have to win all the last-second contests you make up.

  3. Ha! I love the picture (and your commentary!)  I'm sold too. :)


    Awesome find. You know, I need a rug in my dining room.  If only I were a small kitten, Murakami might take me on a furnishing-spree... Life is so unfair. 

    Good luck with the first chunk of Norwegian Wood!