Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wages of Sin (I brought this on myself)

Last month, I divulged some of my dirty, awful book secrets in this post. One of those books offending my shelves is Wages of Sin, which is of the adult paranormal/fantasy/romance genre. I have not read it. I never intended to read it. But Amanda over at Dead White Guys sort of kind of dared me to (and baited me with promise of cookies) . . . and the stubborn 12-year-old tomboy in me CANNOT refuse a dare OR cookies.

So here I am, fresh off my high from A Study in Scarlet, cracking the pages of this salacious little gem. How far I've fallen. I can't even see Danielle Steele from here.

I decided the best way to tackle this challenge is to blog as I read. So if I come across something utterly ridiculous (and I fully intend to), I can immediately unburden myself of the dreadful knowledge. If I waited until the end, I would be unleashing a whole bookful of crazy all at once . . . and that just wouldn't be healthy for any of us.

DISCLAIMER: Jenna Maclaine is an actual human being with hopes and dreams and feelings and writing aspirations, and her books DO have a following (Goodreads informs me this particular book has a passel of five-star ratings). My opinions, harsh as they may be at any given time, are merely my opinions. They don't reflect on the author as a person or on her fans or on their literary preferences (unless you happen to agree with me, of course). This sort of book just isn't my cup of tea. And when I dislike a cup of tea, I mock it and bemoan its existence. It's how I cope.

And so it begins . . .

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