Saturday, January 11, 2014

And on the 11th day of January, they snacked...and also they read.

It’s time for the first mini-readathon of 2014,* hosted by the lovely Tika (aka Snowflake, if you’re in the know and want her to kick you in the shin).

I don’t have a great track record with readathons, mini or otherwise, and I think it’s because I set my sights too high. So the theme of this mini-readathon is “Strive for Mediocrity—Except in the Realm of Snacks, Where We Maintain Very High Standards Indeed.”


My primary goal is to make some serious headway in The Goldfinch, which, after several months of waiting, I received through the library hold system and will be called upon to return unto the library hold system when the calendar strikes January 17. The circle of life.

“Mini” justification: While the book itself is anything but miniature, goldfinches are pretty small, as birds go. And the story opens with a boy, and a boy is just a pocket-sized man.

Yes I know.

To break up the monotony of reading only one book for 8 hours, and in keeping with my quasi-New Year’s resolution to read more comics, I will be . . . reading some comics.

I’ve got Y: The Last Man (Book 3—One Small Step), Batman: Year One, and something called A God Somewhere, which is a 2011 Vertigo comic billed as a “superhero tragedy” (SOLD). I also have a stash of comics that I’ve bought over the years and never read, waiting in the wings. But this is enough to be getting on with (and everyone knows that once you buy a book you never read it).

"Mini" justification: They are COMICS.

As for snacks, I haven’t had a chance to acquire any yet. BUT THERE WILL BE SNACKS. Petite ones.

*I’m actually writing this on Thursday night so I can schedule it to post at start time Saturday morning, because I have no Internet at home (Still. I KNOW.) and I plan to spend most of the readathon in my pajamas, which I could probably get away with at the local coffee hole in Hipster Town, USA, if not for this modicum of pride I’ve managed to cling to thus far.


  1. Clearly I need to hear this "Snowflake" story.

    Spock approved minithon choices, well done. Also "Ooo!" to Y: The Last Man - I need to read that.

  2. HAH. It's in the comments on Megs's "She Matters" post. I ranted a little - but just a little.

  3. Confession: I wrote my starting post Thursday and scheduled it. Anyone who expects me to be witty before 10am will be sorely, SORELY disappointed and it's their own fault because have you met me? I mean, really.

    Comics are so mini.

  4. Woot! I am so beyond excited right now. I just read 25 pages in my book and then paused to read everybody else's staring post.

    Also, The Goldfinch is from the library, which is giving you a *tiny* amount of time to read it before returning it, and everybody knows that tiny is just another word for mini. Totes justified.

    And is that really a gif from 90210? Squee. I'm embarrassing myself here, but I actually used to watch that show when I was in high school. Ugh.

  5. I finished The Goldfinch yesterday, but if I hadn't, I was totally going to being it to the readathon table with those exact same justifications, so YES. (Also I love it. Looooooove) READING.

  6. Where did you even FIND that snacking GIF.

    And the goldfinch painting itself is QUITE small indeed. So you're golden.

  7. You could go to the coffee shop in PJs. I'm pretty sure if it's in Hipster Town they probably won't notice. And if they do just tell them "over it". I don't think it actually matters what they say, as long as you answer with "over it". Happy Endings lessons.


  8. Did I just cry a little and hug my laptop? Maybe. Yes. I love you guys.

  9. I will accept your lack of internet as justification for a lack of snack pics. But barely.

  10. I PUT THEM ON THE INSTAGRAM LAST NIGHT. I would never be completely remiss on a matter of such import.

  11. This is a good lesson, Alley. I may use it later, but I was far too lazy to leave the house at all today, and coffee came to ME (via husband).

  12. It's just one of those GIFs that's been living in m'GIF folder for a while. It's the embodiment of any readathon...assuming there are books somewhere offscreen, of course.

    HA...GOLDEN. (Also, this book is very sad so far. Like, oppressively sad. Is there an end to the sad?)

  13. I made it through 100 pages. So...only 600+ to go! It's bringing me down a little in the Emotions Department, but it is beautiful so far.

  14. I watched 90210, too! Reruns. And I had to sneak them because the subject matter was deemed too mature for me. That and Saved by the Bell, which is HILARIOUS because it's so tame now that I look back on it.

    Your excitement for the minithon was THE BEST. I'm so glad you got to join in this time.

  15. Us poor, beleaguered Californians. No one understands our struggle.

  16. We are all the best. I often observe our goings-on and nod approvingly.