Monday, October 14, 2013

Readathon: The Afterglow

I updated only once on Readathon Day, because I couldn't be bothered to leave the house again in search of Internet. Ice cream, yes. Internet, no.

But it's very important for me to know that YOU know that I continued reading for the rest of Saturday and deep into the night, and aaaaalmost made it for 24 hours. My undoing was the moment when I thought it would be OK to go from the couch to the bed, where I read about 10 pages and promptly fell asleep with a book on my face. But even though I had to reread those 10 pages the next day because I didn't remember their content even a little, I'm still counting them. And you can't stop me.

Here's the thing: I feel like I read a lot . . . but I finished only two books. And I had already started both of those books at an earlier date. Which leads me to wonder—WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING ALL DAY?

It started out so well. I woke up at 5 a.m. full of ambition.

So many plans.
And I finished a book by noon and exercised . . . blah blah I told you all this already.

Things went downhill after I took a shower. SOME people find a nice shower invigorating and rejuvenating, but they tend to make me want to sleeeeeeeeep. So I read a bit of The Graveyard Book, made an emergency cup of coffee when I felt myself starting to fade, drank about two sips of that coffee . . . and passed out in the middle of the floor for almost 2 hours.

And then there was a lot of scrolling through the #readathon tag on Instagram and Twitter. A lot of that. And also rolling around on the floor with two doggies who had squeaky toys they were very proud to show off. And snacking. Sometimes that requires both hands.

So all told, I read 520 pages in three books, two of which I finished. My greatest accomplishment of the day was finishing House of Leaves, which my brother gave me for Christmas and which I began reading in JANUARY. That book. That book has been my arch nemesis this year. But I stabbed it right in its papery heart and vanquished it once and for all.

And Sunday?


  1. The most I could have possibly read on Sat was 11.5 hours. And I most definitely did not read the whole time. At all. So what I'm saying is WELL DONE YOU I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR READERLYNESS. And also for finishing House of Leaves. Because damn.

  2. Rolling around with puppies is super important. ESPECIALLY if they have a new toy.

    But you work up all super early AND you read lots of pages and that is all awesome. I thought I'd do more reading in bed too but when I got up there I just laughed at myself and went to sleep.

  3. I think if the only thing I accomplished was getting that damn book off my bedside table...that would be enough.

  4. ESPECIALLY if they have already beheaded that new toy and are gleefully sprinkling bits of cotton around the house.

    Look how encouraging you are! Thanks, buddy.