Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grapes of Wrath Week 3: Bullet points are for AWESOME people

**DISCLAIMER: This post contains spoilers and more GIFs than words.**

THINGS are happening. TOO MANY things. So I'm busting out the emergency bullet points.
  • Hungry children watch Ma cook stew . . . and then make the Joads reallllllly uncomfortable while they're trying to eat.

  • Casy gets taken to jail after kicking a deputy in the THROAT.
  • Connie gets to California and promptly runs away after realizing he won't be able to own an ice box.

  • Uncle John is the MOODIEST.
  • The Joads settle in at a government camp (aka UTOPIA) and set themselves up for more heartbreak I'M SURE.
  • Ruthie and Winfield have an adorable sibling moment involving a newfangled toilet contraption.


  1. Your gifs are perfectly selected. I tip my hat to you. Or I would if I was wearing one.

    That utopia government camp has to be just awful. Something terrible is going to happen...

  2. Dude, it was so wrong when Simba and Nala got married and had lion sex. Cause they WERE like siblings!

    Anyway... Poor uncle John! I mean, he is a totally moody dude, but his wife died and he feels really really really bad about it, which kind of shows how deeply lovely he is, but to him it just means that he's sinful, and it's TRAGIC!

    Casy DID kick a deputy in the throat, didn't he. Yeah... That wasn't great. But that dude was an asshole and did shoot that woman's hand off!

  3. And WHY aren't you wearing a hat? You should always have one nearby for times like this.

    The more wonderful they make the government camp sound, the more apprehensive I get about what's about to happen. I don't like where this is heading...I don't like it ONE bit.

  4. Ewwwwww...lion incest.

    Do you think it's JUST his wife dying that's got Uncle John so down on himself? Because he keeps saying things like, "You don't know the things I've done," but EVERYONE knows that he blames himself for his wife's death. So what else is there, I wonder?



    He would sure feel guilty about that.

  6. I forgot that Casy kicked the cop IN THE THROAT.

    That is all kinds of badass. And it also sounds way painful. Except Steinbeck doesn't really bother to give any non-migrant characters personalities, so I guess we're supposed be glad the cop's esophagus is probably crushed? I mean, in the scope of tragedy in this book, the cop's throat doesn't even make the top twenty, but OMG OW. My throat hurts just thinking about it.

    And you are ON FIYAH with your gifs, girl.

  7. Couldn't Steinbeck had Uncle John walk off the set instead of getting rid of Casy? He was a much more interesting character imho.

  8. Hahaha, I've watched that first gif for like 5 whole minutes. It perfectly captures the essence of the starving children.

    I guess Rosasharn's been too heart-broken to notice there's no ice in Cali...

  9. Agreed on the set up for disappointment. That government camp is the epitome of "too good to be true."

    Also, that dog + cupcake gif is the best, even though that scene with the stew was mostly heartwrenching.

  10. A throat kick means you're not messing around. And, yeah, I definitely didn't feel at all bad for that cop...and now I feel kind of bad about that.

  11. Lack of ice is just one of her many troubles. Pooooooor Rosasharn.

  12. That scene made me REALLY want stew.

  13. Yeah, that toilet thing was cute. That camp is annoying the hell out of me, because I love it, but IT IS NOT REAL.