Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Commence shameless self-promotion in 3...2...1...

Friends! I need your help with a matter of the UTMOST importance (well, relatively important to ME at this moment, anyway).

Book Riot is hosting a bookish pet photo contest (inspired by the book Kitty Cornered, by Bob Tarte), and I've been chosen as one of five finalists. So, first of all, huzzah to that!

Here's where the trouble starts. From here, the winner is decided solely on which photo gets the most "likes." This method of picking winners has always intimidated me because it basically means that the finalist with the most friends will win. This, in turn, means that if I lose, I'll feel like the kid who eats alone in the lunchroom.

Do you SEE why this is so important now?

Also, the winner gets a $100 gift card for the pet store of his or her choice. This is a big deal when you have two dogs who will not rest until they have eaten the ENTIRE WORLD.

Gizmo is NOT above cannibalism. Let's not test her.

So, if you choose (read: if I have sufficiently aroused your pity), simply follow this link HERE and click "Like" above the photo. We have until 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 20 to win this thing, but don't worry about pacing yourselves . . . let's just sprint for the finish line and collapse afterward. And then maybe we can have a pizza party.


  1. Oh man, do you remember grade school pizza parties?

    When we inevitably meet IRL I demand we have a pizza party.

  2. If we do half the things we've talked about doing when we meet IRL, we will need at least a month of uninterrupted hang-out time.

  3. I have voted because your dogs are the cutest.  Also, wtf is this noise I hear about a cat winning? This is nonesense


  5. DONE.

    I am a sucker for literate canines.

  6. This is why we write things down, Alice.

  7. I like you and I like your picture.   ALTHOUGH... I prefer cats.  But for the purposes of this discussion, the dog wins.

  8. Thank you for putting your personal preferences aside in the interest of the greater good, Brooks.

    I normally like cats, and my DOGS normally like cats...but when there's a prize at stake, all alliances are off.