Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy belated borrowing to me!

I've lived in this apartment for more than 3 years, and I just now finally today went to the library down the street. Isn't that awful? You don't have to tell me. I KNOW.

But today I got off my lazy, book-buying butt and walked three blocks because I heard they just GIVE AWAY books there. FOR FREE.

I present to you the tiniest library in all of Los Angeles.

Isn't he cute? He was born in 1916.
And he's designed in the new Italian renaissance style. Fancy.

It may not look tiny on the outside, but inside, it's just one room . . . most of which is filled with DVDs and books in Chinese. The entire fiction collection is contained in one row, and some of the shelves in that row are empty . . . . and six of those shelves are filled with romance novellas (not even Danielle Steele).

But I managed to find three happy books to balance out the marathon of sadness that has been my reading life lately.

Shopgirl by Steve Martin. Claire Danes! Jason Schwartzman! Yeah, I know that's the movie adaptation. Leave me alone.

Him Her Him Again The End of Him by Patricia Marx. This book is orange. That's the reason it's in my living room right now and not on the sad fiction shelf down the street. The title is a tad inconvenient, but we'll give it a go.

Moral Disorder and Other Stories by Margaret Atwood. It's true . . . I've never read Atwood. Her books are long, and this came home with me because it is short. This could be my gateway Atwood.


  1. That's totally fancy-looking. But awww, tiny library. I keep meaning to visit some of the older branch libraries in Chicago, but laziness, she prevents me.

    I have read TWO Atwood things, and I didn't like either (but one I read when I was like 17 and maybe didn't really get it?).  And I confess The Penelopiad pissed me off because I'm a big shipper of Odysseus/Penelope, and it was all messin' that up. I think I just do not coast on her vibe.

  2. Happy Librarying!  

    The first thing I think of each time I see Shopgirl is the movie You've Got Mail.  (Shopgirl is Meg Ryan's AOL screenname... don't judge me.)  

    I've only read two Margaret Atwood books--Oryx and Crake and The Handmaid's Tale.  I loved both of them.  Hope the stories are good!

  3. THAT's a library?  It looks so fancy - like a courthouse or something super official, and not a place where books live.  Do tell me what you think of the orange book when you get a chance - I would have gotten that one too just because it's orange.

  4. It *does* look fancy. It was designed to look like some fancy-pants building in Rome, but you would laugh if you saw the surrounding area. It's, um, extremely urban.

  5. Listen here! I will never judge you for mentioning You've Got Mail. That is a beautiful movie, and it is full of books. It's always welcome here.
    The library had Oryx and Crake, but it was too big...and sounded really weird. We'll see how this little book of stories goes.

  6. I've always assumed that Chicago has the prettiest libraries. I picture lots of brick. And I love brick. I used to go the Central Library downtown...which is giant and has every book you could ever want. But it's right in the middle of downtown, and there's no free parking...and the homeless population has pretty much taken over the bathrooms.

    I will steer clear of The Penelopiad. I hate the title...and I don't like anyone messing with Odysseus/Penelope either.

  7. I am jealous!  I live among the corn fields of Illinois and alas, there is no local library.  I could pony up a few hundred dollars and join the library a few towns over, but I think I'd rather spend those dollars on books that I get to keep.

  8. I hardly ever take advantage of the library...I just keep buying buying buying. The next time I reach for my credit card, I will think of you in your corn fields and go to the library instead. ; )

  9. Is that the one in Lincoln Park? Its probably the best I didn't know it gave away books when I"ve been in that area for work. It is a beautiful building though

  10. Yes, it is the one in Lincoln Park! I live a little ways down Broadway, so it's pretty close to me.

    They "give away" books in the sense that all libraries give away books...which is to say, they lend them out. I've just been on a buying kick for the past, oh I don't know, 3 years or so?

  11.  Ok, so I don't have to feel like I'm missing something. I've done visits in that area and have had to take pictures of the building, but haven't been there in a while. I like that neighborhood